Softneck Garlic Bulbs

Generally does best in USDA Zones 3-10. Cured softneck garlic bulbs organized by groups. Softnecks usually have no stiff stem in the middle, so they are best for braiding, though hardnecks can be braided with several techniques. Commonly have at least two layers of cloves.


Adapted to a wide variety of growing conditions and early ripening. Tolerant of very hot weather. Very large heads are common. Flavors are simpler than hardnecks but vary widely and some are quite rich. Usually do not create bulbils unless they feel stressed from the environment. Bulbils may push out from the center to the outer leaf. Cloves form in one or two rings and sometimes more.


Late to ripen and to be harvested and very very long storing. A simple taste that is strong and somewhat harsh raw. Best when sauteed to a light brown color. More likely to create bulbils in northern states and non-bolting in southern states. Some plants will fall over a week or two prior to ripening. Storage into summer is common. Around 12-18 cloves per bulb in a few layers.