Pick Your Own Crops-By Appointment

             We Can Also Pick For You

UPDATED 5:50 pm CDT 10-27-23

The amount of crop available varies every year and subject to daily weather influences. All organically grown.

Those customers who want to pick should let us know which crops you are interested in and roughly how much you want to pick or dig and where you are traveling from and we will notify you of availability and possible dates in advance when picking or prepicking will be available, to coordinate with you and your schedule as well as the schedules of others and how fast each crop is ripening or growing. Factors like smoke, sunlight brightness, cloud cover, weather in general and other daily environmental factors all play a role in growing food for humans.


Crop                                   2023

apples, summer                 done, small crop, uneven ripening in small batches
apples, fall                         done small crop                                                                                                                        blackberries, thornless      no crop, discontinuing for plant reconditioning

blueberries                         done, premium quality crop, large dark sweet berries
cherries, tart                       none, discontinuing
currants, black                    done, great crop
currants, red                       none, discontinuing for plant reconditioning
grapes                                done, huge overload crop, -shears provided if you don't have them, large crop, medium and large dark blue grapes w seeds, can be used many ways: like canned whole grapes that become juice, jam/jelly/wine/fresh eating

plums                                dark plums:none, winter tree damage; red plums: huge harvest, done
raspberries                        done, good consistent crop
rhubarb                              done, good year
strawberries                       small crop, winter plant loss, discontinuing

vegetables by request

garlic                                 done, good year

Teamaker Hops                 low acid flavor, for craft brewing and tea, good year, done

gray shallots                      winter losses, not selling this year                                                                                        
red and pink shallots         none, total winter loss
cantaloupes                       done, great flavor; Goddess, Arava, Magnificenza, Eel River
seeded watermelons         done, nice fall crop
seedless watermelon        none
Italian peppers                  done, good crop

Hot-Hot Peppers               done.....not enough sunlight 
acorn cross squash          done, small crop
winter dessert squash      done, small crop
sweet corn                        done, poor plant size
onions, long storing          done, small crop
eggplant                           done, tiny crop

spaghetti squash              done

tomatoes                         done

jalapeno peppers             done

Ancient Anasazi bean      done, fall dry crop, curing, order inquiries welcome

green and purple beans  done, good heavy crop

beets                                done, small crop, gold and dark red

Red Asparagus Bean       none this year, discontinuing

cilantro                             done

basil                                 none

oregano                           done

dill                                    done

potatoes                           done, a few varieties, very good year, internal colors of pink, purple, white or gold

sweet potatoes                done, poor crop, not enough sunlight due to incoming smoke, purple and orange flesh

peanuts                            Valencia, discontinuing

True Red Cranberry bean none, discontinuing

edamame                          none, discontinuing

lettuce                               none

root vegetables                 done, good year

zucchini                             done, small crop

cucumbers                        done, steady consistent crop

Waiting lists are available for customers that want to pick. Being on a list is not a guarantee of a crop but we will keep in touch about the availability if you are on a list. See you in 2024!!