Bulk Garlic Orders



Bulk Garlic Orders - $14.00/lb, typically medium size and slightly larger bulbs, same Priority Mail flat rate shipping of $9.99 per order regardless of size.

Potential bulk varieties subject to availability:  Magnificent, Kostyn's Red Russian, Donostia Red, Kishlyk (Z088), Alison's Rocambole Purple, Larissa's (27977), Bud 2, Azataza 15, Bud 16.

Minimum order for bulk pricing is 10 lbs. After selecting one of these for bulk ordering you may also add any amounts of any other varieties at the same price, subject to availability.

U.S. orders only.

Use the Contact button to check availablility of the varieties and amounts you would like. Please include destination zip code in your inquiries. We cannot ship to Idaho.

All orders subject to crop availability at the time of harvest.


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