Growing From Bulbils

Growing Garlic from Bulbils

Everyone does it differently. Here we share some of the experimental work we have done. When it comes to learning about garlic, there is no end to it. The varieties here all germinated at different rates. Tibetan took about a month and needed a heating pad. I suspect the Himalayan Mountains still had snow on them until the Tibetan bulbils germinated. The varieties with huge bulbils were started first. Spring planting.

Phase 1 - Germination - Soaking bulbils between sheets of paper towels.

Setup                  setup50pxls

3 days of soak    3daysofsoak50pxls

5 days of soak    5days50pxls

8 days of soak    8days50pxls

Variations in germination rate       variations50pxls

Montana Giant  - 24 days of soak MontGiant24days50pxls

Phase 2 - Transferring to APS grow units ten days later, planting about a half inch deep

Depth example     bulbildepth50pxls

Extra light helps    extralight50pxls

Closeup                closeup50pxls

Two weeks after transfer   2moreweeks50pxls

Tibetan garlic in a Pot        tibetanpot50pxls

Phase 3 - Planting outdoors in a trenched row 3-5 weeks after setup

Ready to plant                     readytoplant50pxls

One APS24 planted             onetrayAPS2450pxls

Finished with an APS40       finishedrow50pxls

If you would like to share photos, information and/or results of your own research or would like us to post a link to your research or informational web page about garlic, use the Contact button. In the Subject area write Submittals. In the Message area tell us what you are interested in and a brief description of your information. If you have photos and want some page space here let us know. If it meets with our approval and furthers the learning about garlic we will send you an email address to upload photos and other information. There is no charge for this and you will retain any copyrights.

We are especially interested in true seed, bulbils and rounds, clinical trials of garlic and cancer research, garlic planting equipment both manual and powered, rare garlic plants and garlic growing in unusual places, but we are open to other ideas as well.