Hardneck Garlic Bulbs

Cured hardneck garlic bulbs organized by groups. Identified as having a firm stalk up the middle of the bulb and having a flower head at the top. Most can reach 4-5 feet in height.


New garlic varieties from pollination of hard neck garlic flowers resulting in true seed (tiny black specks) which is planted for a new generation of garlic. After several generations of growing, the exact type of garlic and its characteristics can be determined and perhaps classify each new type into one of the existing categories of hard neck garlics or new categories.


Although ideal for southern growers these can be grown anywhere. The bulbs will be at least medium size in the north. What they lack in size they make up for in flavor. Originally brought here by the Conquistadors from Spain and the south of France and Italy. Other imports followed. Our plantings have done well even at -20┬║ F in the winters and still produced good heads. The flavors of most will rival the Rocamboles and some store almost a year after harvest. Most cloves are medium sized with skins of beautiful deep red or burgundy color. The cloves grow in a single ring with 6-12 per bulb. Very limited supply.


Usually the first garlic to be harvested. We have been able to take these to the Farmers Market before anyone else had garlic. Spindly plants but they still produce bulbs well. Very short storing, usually use within 4 months. Cloves usually grow in a single ring consisting of 8-12.


Are ready for fresh market very early. Bulbils frequently range in size from corn kernels to marbles.


Usually 4-6 cloves in a single ring. Usually stores well past Spring. Somewhat hot and pungent when raw. Very high in allicin. Starchy when baked. Produces tiny rice-sized bulbils.

Purple Stripe

Usually 6-12 cloves per bulb in a single ring. More complex flavor than most varieties. Excellent tasting. Exceptional flavor when roasted. Sometimes described as nutty and rich. Medium storing usually good through Winter. Produces tiny rice-sized bulbils.

Marbled Purple Stripe

Usually 4-8 large cloves per bulb in a single ring. Large bulbs. Flavor between the Porcelains and the Purple Stripes. Grows well even in the hottest of states. Medium long storing usually good through Winter into Spring. Produces tiny rice-sized bulbils.


Believed by many to be the finest tasting garlics of all. The flavors are sweet with a rich, deep complex taste and moderately hot raw. The aroma of a freshly cut clove is very rich. Short storing, usually done near the beginning of winter but some may be good longer. The cloves peel exceptionally easy because they are somewhat loose which then is the reason they don't store as long as some others. Medium size cloves grow in a single ring with 6-8 average. Plant height is usually around three feet and leaves are somewhat wider than other garlics and lighter in color. Grow well in northern and mid states and some will grow in the very hot states but not make huge heads. Produces bulbils similar in size to corn kernels. Most will be large enough to make a cloved head in one season and full sized heads in two.