Pick Your Own Crops-By Appointment

The amount of crop available varies every year. All organically grown. The 2020 crop is progressing nicely!

Crop                                   2020

apples, summer                  good, done
apples, fall                          limited                                                                                                                                        blackberries, thornless       small crop, done
blueberries                         winter damage, a fairly good year, done
cherries, tart                       fair crop, done
currants, black                    excellent year, done
currants, red                       fair year, done
grapes                                fair
plums                                 small crop, fair year, winter damage
raspberries                         good crop, good year, done
rhubarb                              good year, done
strawberries                       good year, done

vegetables by request

Teamaker Hops                 a good year, sold out

gray shallots                      building stock from previous damage                                                                                               
red shallots                        building stock from previous damage
cantaloupes                       not planted
seeded watermelons         not planted
seedless watermelon        not planted
italian peppers                  small crop, sold                           
acorn squash                    medium crop
winter dessert squash      medium crop
sweet corn                        rebuilding stock
onions, long storing          small crop
Hidatsa Shield Bean        small crop, done
eggplant                           not planted

jalapeno peppers             small crop

Ancient Indian bean         small crop

beets                                small crop

Red Asparagus Bean       small crop

cilantro                             small crop

basil                                 small crop

oregano                           medium crop

dill                                    small crop





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